WEDDING PLAN!! How To Plan/Do Wedding With Just 100K Naira Only (See This)

Posted by Richard Idasenibo. on Sep 10, 2021 under Talk Zone   


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Not too long ago, I told my girlfriend that I wouldn’t want a loud and crowded wedding. She has been frowning since then though. Lol🤣

Men should wake up. Stop killing yourselves struggling to raise 500k-1m in the name of wedding…who do you want to impress?🤔

Wedding With Just 100K Only?

What you need is just a priest, a photographer, your both parents, two friends, two family members and wedding is done and dusted..100k can achieve this.

Stop incurring debt upon yourself in the name of loud and crowded wedding.

Marriage these days dey cut like bet slip. So it’s unwise to spend millions on something that might end in premium tears las las.

How To Plan/Do Wedding With Just 100K Only -DO YOU AGREE?

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