Using Annie Idibia As Case Study, Peruzzi Shares Advice On How To Avoid Social Media Drama

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Sep 9, 2021 | 12:45 – Leave A Comment

With the increasing number of social media dramas, Huncho comes through to save the day…

D.M.W and 30BG’s melody man, Peruzzi has taken it upon himself to save internet users from having social media drama.

The Majesty singer took to his InstaStory in the early minutes of today Sept. 9, 2021 to drop some useful tips on how to avoid putting out personal problems on the internet. This advice from Peru is coming in few hours after 2Baba addressed his online trending drama with wife, Annie.

Recall that late last night, 2Baba aka 2face broke silence over his current crisis with the write up he shared via Instagram. In his word; ‘I admit that bringing personal issues on social media was not cool but i will not sit back and watch everyone have a free for all battle here in the name of love and solidarity…‘ (See Post Here).

According to Peruzzi, If you share your personal problems online, out of the 100% viewer; 50% will laugh at you, 10% will support you while the remaining 40% will give an unbothered look (I No Send Your Papa).

The useful advice Peru shared for people to avoid having social media drama is to; Text the person involved, Call if you haven’t been blocked, Take some time to cool off, Fast and Pray or just get the fuck off the internet.

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