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I have been concentrating on girls in the USA so much that I completely forgot about the rest of the world. So when my friend called me and told me he met a girl from Germany, I was surprised to hear that she is even interested in dating.

We used to live one floor apart but we never talked before as I always had my head stuck in books, and party stuff. But somehow things changed for me and now I am enjoying writing blogs about how to find a good woman for dating.

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Are you in search of a girlfriend from the United States? Have you tried dating sites like,, or POF (Plenty Of Fish) but have not found any success with them? I am going to let you know how I started dating girls in the USA and met my soulmate!

This was 5 years back when I was just starting to take a serious interest in the whole online dating thing. One fine day while surfing through profiles I saw her beautiful picture which attracted my attention.

USA Dating Whatsapp Group Link

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Online dating has become the norm now. While it’s still not as prevalent as traditional dating, it’s only a matter of time before online dating catches up. These days, an increasing number of people are meeting their significant others through dating apps and websites, or even by using social media sites like Facebook.

When you meet someone online, you want to make a good first impression so that you don’t scare them off. But the truth is that knowing how to make a great first impression isn’t easy because everyone has different personalities and preferences. Here are some tips to remember

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