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Idiomimi to the world is a sound that describes the deepness of God to us as his children in the Igbo dialect saying how deep he is no one is like him and no one compares to him in all the earth and in a Personal expression he is my hidding place and my resting place to let the world know about it that he is too deep to be compared and the more you know him The more deeper he becomes that’s IDIOMIMI.


onye 2×

Onye dika gi 2×

Idiomimi ni me Omimi 2×

Odighi onye dika gi 2×

You have never fail me 2×

Okemmiri na egbu ogwe

My helper I live to worship you

Idiomimi ni me Omimi I will tell the world 2×

How beautiful you are

How wonderful you are You have captured my heart o 2×

Your my glory your my glory

Your lifter of my head

Ibu ebe mgbaba mo…

o Ebe ndaberemo.

o Your the eyes that l see through

Idiomimi ni me Omimi Idiomimi ni me 2×

Odighi onye dika gi Odighi…….onye…..2×

Onye dika gi Idiomimi ni me

Omimi Esoro Amara uzo Chukwu oma meh

Idiomimi ni me Omimi Otigburu

dibia nihu mmuo nwoke obioma

You are deeper than deepest

You are higher than the highest

Greater than the greatest

Papa idiomimi ni me Omimi Chioma……

eh eh eh Odighi onye

Kam mgheji tunyere gi ugwu anaru

tu egwu nwokeobioma.

o Papa idiomimi ni me Omimi

Ezem idiomimi ni me

Daddy m idiomimi ni me Omimi Chio

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