The Legend Of The dragon King – S01 E1672

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I Want You To Owe Me Three Favors

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She noticed that Tang Wulin stopped. He seemed to be looking at her in astonishment.

Shen Xing could not help feeling pleased with herself. ‘We shall see who’s better at eating then, humph!’

Meanwhile, the door to the compartment opened, and the hostess walked in from the outside. Shen Xing had placed her left arm on the table to protect the three dishes in front of her. She was using the fork in her right hand to pick up a stack of sliced meat and bring it to her mouth.

The hostess was stunned for a moment. It was very apparent that she had never seen people eating in such an outlandishly savage manner ever since she worked at this restaurant. These were both military officers, though! The young maiden must have been starving for a long time.

Shen Xing wished that she could knock her head to death after sensing the hostess’ strange gaze. ‘Bstrd, he must have noticed that the hostess is entering the room since earlier for sure. That is why he stopped!’

“Please serve her a bowl of rice,” Tang Wulin told the hostess with a smile.

The hostess was jolted back to reality. She hastily placed the dishes on the table and rushed back outside.

Shen Xing strained to swallow the stack of meat. Her charming face was already blushing scarlet. She slammed the fork onto the table. “It’s all your fault!”

Tang Wulin said with a bitter smile, “I invited you for a meal, but I didn’t invite you to eat in such a manner! Don’t worry, you can eat until you’re full.” As he spoke, he made an invitatory gesture at her.

“You came to see me just to buy me a meal? I don’t believe that. Tell me, what do you really want?” Shen Xi badly wanted to choke him to death ten thousand times!

She was well aware that the man before her could fight alone in enemy territory. He was the current Sect Master of the Tang Sect and the leader of the Shrek Seven Monsters. Was she capable of fighting against a man like that?

As a result, she wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

Tang Wulin said, “So, are you saying that you’ve accepted my apology?”

“Accept my *ss!” At last, Shen Xing could not refrain herself anymore. She stood up abruptly.

Meanwhile, the hostess entered once again.

“Leave!” Shen Xing furiously yelled as she swiftly turned around.

The hostess was startled. She placed the bowl of rice on the table in a rush.

Tang Wulin said with a smile, “I’m sorry. My girlfriend isn’t in a good mood today. Please leave us first. I’ll call when I need you.”

“Yes, General.” The hostess quickly left as if she was relieved from duty.

“Who’s your girlfriend, huh?!” Shen Xing became even more infuriated.

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh softly. “Can we please speak properly?”

“Who wants to speak properly to you?!” Shen Xing could not refrain herself from shouting defiantly.

Tang Wulin did not speak anymore. He felt that he needed to allow Shen Xing to calm down first. Otherwise, it was utterly impossible for them to talk effectively. She was angry for no apparent reason.

Shen Xing suddenly stood up and picked up her bag as she saw that Tang Wulin did not speak.

She did not want to see this man anymore at all. Moreover, there was no need for her to think as she already knew that she was going to have a nightmare tonight. She hated the dream and she loathed that this man would always barge into her dreams. She hated it, hated it, hated it!

“Please don’t leave.” A stream of gentle radiance blocked Shen Xing’s path.

Shen Xing quickly turned around. “Are you going to use violence on me again?”

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh. “Why can’t we converse with each other properly? I didn’t do anything wrong, right? If you still have such an enormous grudge over the incident in the past, I’m willing to compensate you for that. You can tell me what you want. I still have some authority.”

“You and I have nothing worth talking about.” Shen Xing suddenly felt emboldened when she was done speaking. Yes, she wanted to do this. She wanted to refuse him!

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh once again and said, “I don’t want to resort to using force on you.”

Shen Xing was stunned for a moment. She turned around. “This is the territory of the Central Army Corps. You dare use force on me here?”

Tang Wulin said in a very natural manner, “Remember when we met for the very first time? Were you not under the protection of the army at the time?”

“You…” He was right! The man was capable of forcing her.

“What do you want?” Shen Xing had her hands on her hips. She glared at Tang Wulin in rage.

Tang Wulin cracked into a smile. “I came here to see you today for two reasons. Firstly, to apologize to you about the incident that happened in the past. The other reason is to ask for a small favor from you.”

“What favor?” Shen Xing became vigilant at once.

Tang Wulin said, “It’s nothing much. It’s just a trifle for you. You can see that I’m a major general now. The elevation of one’s rank is what every military officer is yearning for the most. I heard that if a person can enter the War God Hall’s challenge, they will be promoted by one rank for every round passed. I think that I should be able to pass two rounds with my abilities. As a result, I’m planning to see if I can get promoted to general.”

Promoted to general?

Shen Xing almost thought that she had misheard him. The highest rank possible for a military officer was general. It had been countless years since anyone had reached such a position. Despite that, this man was genuinely trying to get promoted to general.

“Do you think that the War God Hall is owned by your family? Could it be that you don’t know that a Title Douluo-ranked officer will need to fight against a War God whose cultivation base is higher than his by one rank if he enters the War God Hall challenge? In other words, a Title Douluo would certainly be fighting against a Hyper Douluo. A Hyper Douluo can very possibly be fighting against a Limit Douluo or a Hyper Douluo whose cultivation base is one or two ranks higher than his at the very least. Do you think that it is an easy feat?”

Tang Wulin shrugged and said, “How will I know if I never? Thus, the favor I’m asking from you is actually very simple. You will only need to take me to the War God Hall’s door. Otherwise, it will be too troublesome to use the regular procedure. Moreover, it’s highly possible that someone will stop me from entering the War God Hall. You won’t be saying no to such a small favor like this, right?”

Shen Xing only understood after listening to this. The man would like her to take him to the War God Hall. Frankly, Shen Xing felt relieved after hearing his request. At least, it was much easier than stealing military secrets, as she had imagined he would ask.

The War God Hall was theoretically open to all the military officers. In fact, even common soldiers could apply to enter. Such a soldier would be screened and vetted thoroughly before it could be confirmed if he was allowed to enter the War God Hall’s challenge.

The vetting process was necessary. Otherwise, the War God Hall would be very busy if anyone was allowed to enter.

If he truly was a major general, Tang Wulin would be able to enter the War God Hall if he were to follow the ordinary procedures. However, as he mentioned, it would not be that easy for him to enter the War God Hall due to his identity as the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and the Sea God’s Pavilion Master from Shrek Academy. Could it be that the military would watch helplessly as he was promoted to the rank of general? That would be impossible!

‘Am I allowed to take him there?’

The question arose in her mind and vanished as soon as it appeared.

Shen Xing’s chest heaved because of her mood swings. She looked at Tang Wulin with a burning gaze.

Tang Wulin was not in a rush either. He quietly waited for her to consider.

Shen Xing suddenly said, “What would I get out of it if I were to help you?”

Tang Wulin answered with a smile, “What is it that you want? Is it money? Heaven and earth treasures? Or something else?”

Shen Xing abruptly said, “I can help you.” She had actually made up her mind. For some reason, she found that she could think clearly all of a sudden.

“That’s awesome.” There was a flash of light in Tang Wulin’s eyes. If Shen Xing was capable of sincerely helping him and there was no need for him to hold her hostage, their success rate would be higher. Moreover, they would not be easily exposed.

Shen Xing continued to speak, “I want you to owe me three favors. You can’t reject me if I seek your assistance in the future, of course, provided that I don’t violate your principles.”

Tang Wulin raised his eyebrows. “Young maiden, that’s rather greedy of you!” It appeared that she was not requesting for something real, but in reality, her request would cost more than anything else.

Every word spoken by Tang Wulin would count given his identity and position. His promise was worth more than gold. If he was to agree to Shen Xing’s condition, it would be something that he would always remember.

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