OPINION!! South East (Igbo People) Are Breeding Monsters That’d Consume Them In No Distance Time (See This)

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What is south east Nigeria turning into?

Yesterday, 6 September 2021, it was alleged that IPOB members intercepted a trailer coming from Nnewi Anambra state to Nsukka, loaded with motorbikes spare parts worth over N12 million for not observing sit-at-home order in Obukpa, Nsukka, Enugu State, and set it ablaze.

I mean they burnt the trailer with over 12 million naira goods which obviously belongs to a fellow Igbo, to ashes for not observing the so called Sit-At-Home Order.

The funny and annoying part is that, after their abominable and condemnable act, they’d attribute it to “Unknown Gunmen” or DSS agents.

How does the people in the attached picture look like DSS agents? Why destroying the goods of a fellow Igbo?

Talibans started this way and now they’ve taken over Afghanistan. Boko-Haram started same way.

Is this how they intend to govern the Republic of Biafra if given?

Funny enough, some lame brainers are cheering and celebrating the monstrous activities in the East. If you disagree with their barbaric ideology, they’d come after you with violence. Two months ago, I was nearly attacked in Abia state for condemning their evil did on Facebook.

I lived, schooled and grew up in Igboland. The Igbos are not known for violence. A typical Igbo man cares for his goods, how to make money and not how to kill or destroy people’s property. Now things has fallen apart.

South East (Igbo People) Are Breeding Monsters That’d Consume Them In No Distance Time


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