Obianuju – S01 E14

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Writer’s PoV



A slim woman on black could be seen pacing up and down a well-furnished room, her head tilted in interest as she listened closely to sound coming from the next room…..

She was expecting to hear a loud piercing scream but was disappointed, all she heard were soft moaning sounds…..

“Arrrrggggh!” she grunted, folding her fists tightly

Nothing happened! Nothing happened again!

Anger and frustration boiled inside her and spilled over in a froth of rage ; instantly, she reached for her phone and dialled a number …

The person picked up on the second ring

“Baba!Baba! what is all this now?”she queried ,her voice coming out harshly

“What is all what?”Baba asked calmly making the woman hiss loudly

“The stuff you gave me didn’t work as usual , the boy is still sane”

“What!” the Baba exclaimed in surprise

What could have gone wrong??

he cleared his throat “Are you sure you followed my instructions?” he threw the question at the woman

“Yes na!I did everything you ask me to do , I brought him to your place…..the woman tried to say but Baba cut her off

“I am talking about the concoction, did he eat it?”

There was a Pause as the woman let her whole body go limp, she was a bit taken aback by the question

Did he eat it or not? she wondered

Baba continued. “The incantations I recited was just to remove the spell you placed on him, the Concoction is the main deal ,he will run mad as soon as he takes a bite

“Then why didn’t it work?”. the woman screamed into the phone , “it has been good six years and the boy is still alright”

The Baba huffed . “Calm down woman, shouting and yelling won’t solve anything”

“hmmmh… okay ooooo… hmmm!…. I have calmed down”. the woman rasped , breathing hard

From the look on her face , you could tell she was far from calming down…..

“hmmmh… so what do you suggest i do?”

The Baba was lost in thought for a moment and then he sighed

“You should try again next year”

The woman gasped audibly in shock. “Next year! no Baba, that is too long . The boy is already asking questions? My husband is already getting worried?What do you think he will do when he finds out I am responsible for his “precious son” illness? what do you think he will do when he finds out that I am trying to run his son mad? what do you think he will do when he finds out that I poi….she paused,,trailing off when she realised she has said too much….

Baba exhaled deeply. ” I understand how you feel……..

“Then please help me”.the woman cut in, pleading desperately “my husband values the boy more than my two daughters , all of his important properties are signed in the boy’s name and I can’t allow that to happen….:

“Then you will have to wait till next year”. Baba insisted and that was it , the woman flared up

“I can’t do that again! I am sick and tired of dancing around the shrine naked just to cast a spell of sickness on him , I am sick and tired of worshiping those fake gods of yours”

“Abomination!” Baba thundered in anger as the woman laughed

“Yes! Baba your gods are fake, ordinary to run someone useless, they can’t do it… see Baba , don’t ever call my number again or else I will disgrace you”. She warned and ended the call….

“Arrrrgh!” She screamed in anger as she slammed the phone down with a crash!

but She was lest bothered about it , she was confused . How was the boy able to be alright after eating those deadly concoctions or is he immune to stuffs like that? If yes , she planned on getting rid of him in a different way without arousing a suspicion……






I opened my eyes slowly allowing them time to adjust to the blinding light coming in through the window , it was already morning….

stretching, I rubbed the sleep crust off my eyes and snuggled up to Ademilade who was still sleeping …

“morning!” I whispered, leaning in to kiss him and to my upmost relief , his body temperature was back to normal…

I smiled lightly , caressing his cute face

Being with him , naked in bed , was the most right, natural and Incredible experience ever….

Lazily , I got off the bed , picked up my nighty from the bed and hurriedly put it on.

My whole body was aching and reeking of sperm ….well! I wasn’t surprised as Demi released all of his stuffs on me and I was too weak to take a shower last night but right now , I needed to bath….

pulling up the covers over his naked body , I walked out of his room to Adesewa’s room where I heard harsh whisperings ;carefully I pushed the door opened and walked in just in time to hear a tall slim lady call her a “useless child”

Ha! I gaped in surprise, the insult is too much na!

Seeing me , the lady stopped in her track as she eyed me coldly

“Who is this one?” she asked, her voice was too harsh

“She is not this one , she is brother Demi’s girlfriend”. Adesewa snapped at her

“Good ..morning …ma!” I stuttered but she ignored me, clapping her hands lightly

“Oga ooo! so Demi now have the gut to bring a woman into this house, into my father’s house …eeeh! my mother needs to hear this ….

And with that , she stormed out of the room in a huff …

“Don’t mind her , she is Just frustrated”. Adesewa hissed loudly as she got off the bed

“Who is she?” I asked

“Aunty Rami , my dad’s first born”. She replied as I stared at her blankly

“her mother is my dad’s first wife”. she quickly added

Dad’s first wife! Nawa ooooooo

“but wait sef , How many wives did your dad marry?”

She smiled lightly.”Just two. his first wife who you saw yesterday and Demi’s mum, my mum was his side chick”

Oh! now I understand, that man is a flirt …..

Just like his son”. My subconsciousness completed and I bit at my lower lips, waving it off…

“But still , that doesn’t give her the right to call you a useless child”. I queried

“Ah!She is even nice sef , if it were to be her younger sister …ehhn! that one would have beaten me blue black

“Han! han! for what na?”

“For not sweeping the compound on time”. she drawled

I stared at her, surprised

“Sweep the compound! with all the maids downstairs”

“Yes oooo!my step mum calls it home training”

Oh right!home training in a wicked way!

“Don’t worry, I will assist you”I said and instantly, her eyes lit up


“Yes, but i need to take my bath first”

“Alright! go on , let me pick out a nice cloth for you”. She sounded so excited

“Thanks!” I muttered under my breathe and began walking to the bathroom when she asked

“What is the whitish-grey stuff on your left leg?

I stopped in my track , looking down at my legs

Oh no! dried sperm!

“erm it is erm it is erm “. I stuttered not knowing what to say

She laughed loudly.”hmmm!Brother Demi! I knew he won’t be able to resist you on the sexy nighty

What the f**k! Does that mean she knows we had sex?…oh no!This is so embarrassing!

“I hope he was not too hard on you sha?”she continued, winking at me

“What! was the only thing I could say as I was short of words

See the ungodly words coming out from this small girl mouth!

“Don’t act all surprised, I have a boyfriend also”. She stated making me gasp audibly in shock

“You! how old are you?” I was forced to ask

“She smiled lightly. “I am sixteen “.

16!Unbelievable! she looks like a 13 year old!

Alright!” I simply said as I walked into the sparkling clean bathroom

pulling off the nighties, I brushed my teeth with an extra toothbrush ; then stepped into the bathtub to have a long refreshing bath and when done, I put the nighty back on and returned to see a messy room with scattered clothes…….

Like Seriously! Adesewa!Is she doing all of this because of me? I was so touched

“erm Juliet , do you like this gown?” she asked , holding up a red short gown

“It is nice but it will be short on me”. I politely declined

” what about this?” She held up an even shorter gown

I chuckled lightly. No!don’t you have a straight skirt , a gown or you know ….something longer”

“something longer! hmmmmmh …. trouser nko?”

“Yes !Trouser will be better!”I agreed and she nodded slowly, searching through a big black bag…

I just pray she finds a decent one!

Leaning against the wall, I watched her pull out a black Jergens trouser along with a pink crop top ; then she tossed it to me

“Is it okay??”She asked and I nodded ,staring down at the clothes

“Good! what about undies , do you have an extra one?”

“No!” I reply shyly

“Then you can wear this”. She said , handing me a matching set of pant and bra , “They are new ones , your boyfriend got it for me on my last birthday”

“My boyfriend!” I chuckled, my gaze fixed on the Lacy undies

so beautiful!

“Yes ooo! after all the birthday promises , he still went to buy oversize , in fact everything he bought for me that day were all oversize”

I laughed long and hard

Demi and his sister will not kill me!!!!!


Taking off the nighty ,I hurriedly wore the matching undies and then the Jergens along with the crop top ….

The top was so skimpy but what can i do?nothing..

“How do I look?” I asked Adesewa who was watching me ,quietly

“Beautiful!” She remarked and my blush rose immediately

“So can we go now?”She asked

“Sure!” I replied ,reaching for my cell phone as we both walked out of the room , climbed down a long spiral staircase to a luxury living room…

I stopped in my steps , looking around in awe just like I did yesterday… well! you shouldn’t blame me as I was just too amazed by the richly decorations ..

The golden chandelier, the paintings on the wall , the ………

“Comport yourself, my dad is watching”. Adesewa whispered , snapping me back to reality and only then did I notice the dark fat man seated on one of the leather sofa .worst still , he wasn’t alone. his wife was beside him and they were both staring at me ….

Chai! See what too much looking have cause!

I swallowed hard. “Good morning Sir! Good morning ma! I greeted nervously

“Who are you?”The man asked flatly , his gaze cold

Fidgeting, I turned sideways to Adesewa but she looked away immediately

Now I am on my own!

“Are you deaf??i said who are you?”he thundered making my heart jump into my mouth …

“I erm am erm a friend to erm your son”. I stuttered and his wife laughed.

“Darling! You scaring the child!

“how?”the man asked , shifting his gaze to her , “I just asked a simple question

“Alright! Alright! She is Ade’s girlfriend”. The woman told him and instantly, his gaze softened

he shifted his attention back to me , staring curiously at me for a while and then gestured me to come closer which I did …..

“You the lady who came with Ade yesterday?”he asked, his gaze keenly fixed on me

Oh right! So he noticed me!

“Yes!” My voice was so low

“Interesting! So what is your name?”

“Juliet sir”

“Juliet … Juliet! You not a Yoruba girl right?”

“Yes Sir, I am an Igbo girl”

he smiled lightly. “Your face tells it all. So how did you meet my son?”

“Erm actually we met in school”

“Obviously! I mean where did you both meet? Is it at a party? a …..

“On the street sir”. I cut in and he nodded , smiling

“Good! I can see you are already friends with my daughter”he observed

“Yes Dad”. Adesewa butted in, “we are on our way to sweep the compound sef ….

The woman scoffed. “We! who are the we? ….my friend will you go and sweep the compound for me”

“but ma she promised to …. Adesewa tried to say but the woman cut her off

“Get out from here”. She barked and then faced me , smiling

“Have you eaten?”

I shook my head negatively

“Then you should”.she stood up and gestured me to follow her and I followed behind her counting my steps till we got to a very big kitchen…..

She made signals at the cooks to leave and when they did , she turned to me, smiling

What is with all this smile?

“Juliet right?” She asked and I nodded

her smile deepened. “I like you Juliet for my son

My eyes widened in surprise, Like me for her son! what does she mean?

“You are beautiful , calm and gentle unlike those crazy girls he do hang out with…

I stared at her puzzled as she continued

“You see I really care for Ade , I really want to be close to him , I really want to be a mother to him but he keeps pushing me away”

“Why?” I asked , curiously and she sighed sadly

“I don’t know, I really don’t know ”

“you should try talking to him?”I suggested and to my surprise, she broke down in tears

“I have tried that, I have tried all my possible best. I even tried talking to him when he had conflicts with a confraternity gang leader ……

“gang leader!” I repeated in shock

“Yes, a boy called Dave ….don’t you know about it?”

I shook my head negatively

“Ha! Ha! what year are you in?”

“Year 1!” I replied and swears I saw something like anger in her eyes as she mumbled some inaudible words


“Nothing!i was just surprised”.she replaced the anger with a smile…

What is wrong with this woman? I wondered

“Is your phone with you?” She asked

“Yes ma!”

“Good! Let me have it”

Without saying a word, I took my phone out of my pocket, switched it on and then handed it to her

Immediately, a call entered

Oh right! the exact reason why I switched off my phone

“Faith is calling”. she informed

“Decline it ma”. I told her and she nodded , typing in the phone ..

When she was done , she handed the phone back to me

“That is my number, Save it”

“Okay ma!”

“Call me whenever you feel something is amiss”

Amiss kwa!

“I just want to be make sure Ade is always safe”.she added making me smile …

She is not bad after all!






My sound sleep was disrupted by the sound of my phone ringing

What the heck!!

I ignored it and let it ring to an end, but it began ringing again and I groaned out of sleep and reached for my phone which was on the head of the bed .

I opened my bleary eyes to check out the caller and noticed it was Susanna .

Hun! why is she calling me this ear…. I paused trailing off when my gaze fell on the huge wall clock….

Sh*t! 1:00pm! I never knew I slept this long!why didn’t Obianuju wake me?

Speaking of which, my eyes wandered around for her but she was not in the room…

Oh right! I bet she is with Adesewa , those two

seem to get along well!

quickly, I stood up, hurriedly wore my trousers and went out on the balcony to get some fresh air….

I leaned on the railings , looking around and that was when I saw my “stubborn girlfriend”

She was literally running about the big compound with Adesewa ,Shaking those big ass of hers without minding the stares of the maids and ….. my Dad

Oh no! That womaniser!

Immediately , I rushed out of the room , climbed down the stairs into the sitting room and met my two elder step-sisters —Aderami and Aderonke laughing as they gossiped..

Seeing me , they paused to stare at me

“Welcome ooo!” the younger of the two, Aderonke greeted

“Thanks!” I grunted as I walked out of the house to the side of the compound where Obianuju was ….

“Baby!” I called , moving closer and she stopped in her track, turning to face me ; then she smiled

“Ademilade!” She rushed to hug me , panting as she breathe hard

I pulled out of the hug to stare at her face

“You alright?”

“Yes! I am alright , I just don’t want Sewa to catch me

“Catch you!” I repeated, confusedly

She giggled. “Yes! we are playing a police and thief game and I am the thief”. She smiled proudly

I stare at her , surprised

Police and thief game! Is she for real!

“remind me of your age again?” I asked

“17”. She replied and my heart stopped for a second

Under age! I am f**king an underage!

“but I will be 18 next month”. she added and I sighed in relief

That is a bit fair!

“Even though! You shouldn’t be running like this , it could affect your health…wait sef! You didn’t bring your inhaler or did you?”


“Why na! It is risky and you know it “. I queried

“Then get it for me”. She simply said , wriggling out of my hold as she continued with her running!

I bit at my lips, watching her

The way her ass was bouncing …mehn! It was so …bad!

“Ade!” a familiar voice called snapping me out of my perverted thoughts ..

I looked in the direction of my voice and saw my Dad

Oh yeah! I completely forgot about him!

he was seated in the “Relax house” right behind me and I turned around and began walking towards him when a maid bumped into me …..

“Arrgh! are you blind?” I barked as she trembled

“I am sorry sir”. She apologised and I scoffed, walking past her to my Dad

“Good afternoon sir!” I greeted politely as I sat down beside him

“Afternoon Son! how are you feeling now?”

“Better!” I replied

he heaved a sigh. ” Thanks goodness!but still , you need to see the family doctor for proper confirmation

“Sure! I already planned on doing that!”. I stated and he shot me a surprised look

“Ade! this one you agreed to go without any complaints….hmmm!….I hope I am safe”. he chuckled….

“I am going because of my girlfriend”. I said flatly

“Girlfriend!” he repeated, looking towards Obianuju who was now talking in whispers to my skinny sister …

“Yes! I need to get her an inhaler”

his face grew old all of a sudden

“She is asthmatic?”

I scoffed silently, ignoring his questions

“Which of the cars should i make use of?”

He smiled.” Are you really asking me that? Most of the cars belongs to you .

“Oh!” I exclaimed softly as he continued

“You see that car over there”. he pointed to a white Bugatti Divo , ” I bought it last three months on your 20th birthday ..

he continued.” You see the red Benz behind it , I bought it last year on your 19th birthday and the black Venza beside, I bought it on your 18th birthday . I kept on buying cars on but you were never around to celebrate your birthday with your family , you prefer staying in that your small room at school…..

“That is because I feel more at ease there”. I simply said

that was the bitter truth…

“Ademilade!” He called softly

“Can I make use of your car Please?” I asked, impatiently

“Sure!” he agreed

“Thanks!” I muttered under my breathe as I picked the car keys up from the table; then I stood up and walked into the house , climbing up the stairs to my room….

Entering, I tossed the carkey to the bed and walked into the bathroom

Pulling off my clothes , I brushed my teeth , stepped into the shower , had a quick bath and when done, I returned to the room naked, went over to the wardrobe, pulled out a brown hoodie along with a jean trousers and hurriedly changed into it ; then i combed out my long hair into style , put on a brown palm slippers, picked up the car keys along with my wallet and phone and dashed out of the room, scurried down the spiral stairs into the sitting room

“Afternoon ma!”I greeted my step-mum who was coming out of the kitchen and without waiting for her response, I walked out of the house to the garage where I met Obianuju and Adesewa….

They were leaning against the black Jeep and from the look on their faces, I could tell they were planning a mischief

“he is here already”. I heard Adesewa whispers

Oh right! She is the boss!

“What is going on here?” I asked , my eyes darting back and forth

“erm actually erm Sewa wants erm to take me out”. Obianuju stuttered as I furrowed my eyebrow , confusedly

What the hell is she saying?

“To make my hair”. She quickly added

“So?” I asked still not understanding what she was trying to say

“She needs money “. Sewa butted in and I nodded slowly

“how much?”I asked , staring into my girlfriend “pretty face”

She swallowed hard , glancing at Adesewa

I scoffed silently, she doesn’t even know how much she wants!

Taking my wallet out of my pocket, I brought out my Atm card and handed it to her

“You know my pin right?”

She nodded, grinning from ear to ear

“Good!”. I remarked, opening the car door as I climbed into it and starting the ignition, I drove off heading to the family hospital—Oakfield specialist hospital….



Getting to the hospital, I drove into the big compound and parked out in the car lot; then I alighted from the car and walked straight to the Doctor’s office, knocking twice on the door

Just so you know, my dad holds one of the largest shares in the hospital…..

“You can come in”. My baritone voice answered

I pushed the door opened and walked in to see a Lanky man seated behind the desk….the Doctor

“Good afternoon sir”. I greeted as he looked up at me

“Demi! Our young doctor! how are you?”he greeted, laughing

“Fine sir!” I replied as I sat down opposite him

“Your dad called not quite long informing me of your coming, you here for general check up right?”

“No! I am here to get an inhaler”. I corrected and he shot me a puzzled look

“For my girlfriend”. I completed

“Oh! very well then”.he picked up the landline as he dialled a number

“Dianne! bring a ventolin inhaler to my office now”

having said that , he dropped the call , facing me

“This girl must be so important to you”

“Yes she is “. I agreed as he smiled lightly

“but isn’t there a permanent cure for the illness?” I was so curious to know

he exhaled deeply. ” you are a medical student and should know that the inhaler is only solution for now”

“Only solution! Then why then did my mum die?” I half yelled , banging my fist on the table

He stared at me , confused

“What are you talking about?”

“quit pretending Doctor, you were the one who confirmed her dead?”

“Sure! I did but your mum didn’t die of asthma”

I scoffed silently. ” what is this one saying?”

“Truly!She was having breathing problems but it wasn’t asthma, it was poison”. he explained and instantly, I heard a loud bang in my head

“What! Are you trying to say my mom died of poison?”

“Yes, and your Dad is fully aware of it”. he dropped the bombshell……


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