LET’S TALK!! Does Education Matter When Choosing A Life Partner?

Posted by Richard Idasenibo. on Jul 3, 2021 under Talk Zone   


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A friend of mine want to settle down this year, but there’s a problem with the girl he fell in love with.

He met Chidinma during a Church service. Had a chat with her and discovers that she has just O level certificate (WAEC).

According to her, she couldn’t further her education because her parents couldnt afford to sponsor her, but she is presently learning a trade..how to make clothes. She speaks good English.

This friend of mine, has a Masters degree and planning for a PhD any moment from now.

The question is, will it be advisable for him to go into a relationship with this lady he admires considering the huge gap between them academically? Does education really matter choosing a girlfriend or wife?

LET’S TALK!! Does Education Matter When Choosing A Life Partner?

Let’s hear from you.

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  1. Love over anything lot of educated without good moral. Make him follow him heart jur because education matters in the kids life on a long run. Love dey tire person sometimes sef mtchew


  2. Avatar

    Salami Damilola
    7 hours ago

    Love conquers all


  3. Education is important but it’s not the first thing to look out for when choosing a life partner. Education can even corrupt someone who lacks wisdom and humility.


  4. education matter at least make u get good waec result at least she can read and write she have said that are parent did not have money to further her education due to how the country hard and she have good behaviour is ok for me but what i see there is that is very hard for you to see a educated man that will marry a girl with waec result but a educated girl can marry in under this condition which is marriage with this condition the man dont need to be an illiterate at least he can read and write speak good english i come in peace


  5. Only if you can afford to sponsor her education after marriage but if not I don’t advice ….

    Education is not the key but sometimes it’s a life line !


  6. If a woman is not educated i can’t marry her because we can’t cope at all, she must be educated a little bit. But if she is not i will teach her and brush her up to my standard.


  7. Avatar

    Adama Emmanuel
    5 hours ago

    Abit it matters but not necessary

    When u have what it takes to run a home, education does not.

    A good woman or a man who takes care of his family and make sure his family is fine is enough not a professor who doesn’t care about his family and know what his family needs


  8. Avatar

    Adie David A
    5 hours ago

    Love is strong, bt in our 2day world i wouldnt do dat. Education is not everything, bt it matters. She needs 2 have atleast a 1st degree to back her up in d society.


  9. Avatar

    oyelade sulaiman kayode
    5 hours ago

    i guess it all depends on what he is looking for in a girl.

    Some guys might look for a girl who is beautiful, has high educational qualification and can cook etc etc.

    But for some guys if you can cook, you’re good to go.

    But it seems your friend is interested in someone who has a high educational qualification like a bachelors degree.

    Well I will advice him to focus on the girls intelligence because she might just have only her O level but she is almost as intelligent as someone who is currently getting a bachelors degree. ( I hope u understand what I’m trying to say)

    Besides, sometimes we have the so-called graduates who are not as good as JSS 3 students.

    i have seen people with PhD act like a complete tool…So don’t get it twisted!

    so Goodluck….


    1. Avatar

      oyelade sulaiman kayode
      3 hours ago

      complete #fool I mean



  10. Avatar

    Tiamiyu saheed
    2 hours ago

    Aseju ni educated lady, village girl Na Na ti dhaa


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