LET’S CAST THEM!! Which Network Provider Is Sucking DATA The Most?

Hi guys!

I have been assuming I was the one mismanaging my data bundle until I deliberately do a 2G daily data plan and watch it drain in just 30 minutes.

I’m not saying this to devalue their product but the truth must be told, they are extorting me not just me, my colleagues are complaining the same thing.

A close friend made the same 2G subscription and it only lasted for 7minutes. No be juju be that?

If you think I’m exaggerating this. Try it on your end and give me feedback in the comment section.

This has been happening to me for almost two weeks, I have to come here to ask the public after hearing a lot of complaints from close friends.

To me, I believe the DATA volume we see is fake, they have various designated volumes for each bundle you purchase.

For instance, I think they set like 200mb for the 2G. Unknowing to you, you would think you are using 2G not knowing it’s 200mb.

We seriously need to call those networks out to stop making life difficult for us, this is the fourth time today I will do 2G daily data.

As I’m writing to you like this, the 2G I just bought when writing the title now remains 400mb. 😫😭😭😭

I won’t mention the Network Provider, but let cast them in the comment section.

Which Network Provider Is Faking It DATA The Most?

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