Ibadan Job For N175,000 Or Kaduna Job For N259,000, Which Should I Go For?

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Good evening dear readers in the house, please I need your views and opinions on this subject.

Ok, I currently work with an FMCG Coy in Ibadan as an inventory officer where I earn N175k net on a monthly basis. It’s important to state here that I was living in Lagos prior to my getting this FMCG job.

So, I moved to Ibadan 2 months ago and currently put up with a friend in his apartment while I try to figure out how to move my stuffs to Ibadan on relocation basis.

But along the line, I got a job with a big agricultural establishment affiliated to a multinational agricultural firm, and I’m being offered N259k for a start excluding other benefits such as airtime(15k) which is different from my main salary.

Also note that the N259k is gross, so my take home could be around N230k or thereabouts.

Now here’s the challenge.

This new job is in Kaduna (the state capital) and I’ve not been to Kaduna before.

So, Dear Readers, What Do You Think About This.

I need your candid, sincere and factual advice on this matter.

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