How To Block ads in Games on iPhone and iPad Devices

One of the downsides of using free platforms is that you get served with ads, as it’s a channel through which developers get to make money from their provisions. However, you do not necessarily have to endure seeing obstructive ads, as there is a way to get rid of them. This will be discussed in this article on how to block ads in games on iPhone and iPad devices.

How To Block ads in Games on iPhone

Prior to when this article was written, there wasn’t any official method from Apple to stop ads from showing on free games, however, there are different methods you can employ to getting rid of these annoying ads that prevent you from enjoying your favorite games in real-time.

Method 1: Turn Off Cellular and WiFi To Block ads in Games on iPhone

The ads that surface on games played on iPhone/iPad and pretty much other mobile platforms like Android, are channeled or served from the internet, so turning off or preventing your iOS device from getting access to the internet when playing games will definitely prevent developers from serving you ads on free games.

Turning off your internet is a straight-up solution no doubts, however, there is a caveat. Preventing your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) from getting access to the internet during gameplay, means you will not receive notifications from social media apps. It becomes worse when you have family and friends that prefer calling you over the internet. To this end, you may have to consider the next method.


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Method 2: Restricting Internet Connection on Games

Restricting internet connection on games, is legit my favorite of all the methods, as you get to still get access to notifications from your social media apps, without having to deal with obstructive ads. How do you get this done? Well, you will have to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Turn off your wifi connection
  2. Launch the Settings app and enter the cellular tab
  3. Inside the cellular settings, scroll till you find the games you wish to cut off from the internet
  4. Now toggle the virtual button, to disable internet connection on the games
  5. Launch your game and enjoy a non-ad obstructive gameplay

Method 3: Paying For A Premium Package

Most games usually have a free and premium package. The premium package is yet another way game developers can earn from their products, as they usually require you to pay a token to get rid of the ads you are being served.

Paying a premium for a game prevents ads from showing while you play the particular game. You can also see it as an avenue to support the game developer if you really enjoy playing the game.

Wrapping up

Playing mobile games is undoubtedly one of the fun ways to pass time. Now, having learned how to how to block ads in games on iPhone and iPad, means you can further enjoy this recreational activity without obstructions.


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