GOD CATCH YOU TODAY!! We Dare You To Paste The Last Thing You Copied In The Comment Section

Posted by Afeez Lawal (Dazeefa). on Sep 7, 2021 under Jokes / Funny Photos & Videos   


Jokes / Funny Photos & Videos

Everyday for the owner, one day for the thief is the proverb for people doing everyday evil

After today you won’t dare to copy rubbish to your clipboard again. We catch you red-handed.

I’m just as holy as you all know, see what is in my clipboard below. 👇

Mankind, I beg can I see 10k from you, I get a serious bill to sort. I’ll be glad to hear positive feedback from you, sir.

You see say my COPY thing no really bad for public view, oya paste your own if dem born you well

We Dare You To Paste The Last Thing You Copied In The Comment Section

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