DO YOU AGREE? Nigeria iPhone Users Are Like “A Dot In A Circle” & Mentally Enslaved (See How)

Mind you, no hard feelings, no jealousy or envy.

And I’m not saying you shouldn’t purchase an iPhone, so long you are financially capable and can afford it, go ahead!

But you no well Aswear. You’re mentally caged unknown to you. You are being manipulated and pressurized unnecessarily.


You’d see young boys and girls engaging in all manner of illegal activities just to get the latest version of iPhone.

The girls would sleep with different men. The boys would steal and defraud people just to own an iPhone.

Only few Nigerians genuinely and singlehandedly purchased the iPhone they’re using right now.

Now tell me wtf is that, if not mental slavery and madness. Apple company releases different versions every year, knowing that some MUGU would do anything and everything to patronize them.

Infact in Imo state right now, if you are not an iPhone user, no girl will love and respect you. They measure wealth by iPhone. You can imagine. Sick!


iPhone is mainly for security purposes not really for fashion or show off. Perhaps for speed and picture quality too. But security is it primary purpose.

Now a person who’s not running any business on the internet, photography, videography or a security officer, what the h*ll are you using iPhone for?🤷ðŸ

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