Cherry Lipps – S01 E20

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” What’re they doing?” Sergeant Fisk asked, munching on a hamburger.

His partner sat behind the wheels, peering at Craig’s Lamborghini through the windscreen.

” She’s getting out of the car,” Fisk’s partner said. ” Craig seemed to be telling her something.”

” Perhaps a goodnight kiss,” Fisk rolled his eyes, grabbing a bottle of Pepsi. ” Blasted lovers. This is getting too old for me, don’t you think so.”

Fisk’s partner raised his shoulders. ” Yeah, kinda. But Capt. Benton insisted we have eyes on her.”

” That’s because he believes something’s wrong in this secret affair between these two but I think that’s stupid. If the dude wants a pórnstar for a lover, what’s that got to do with the police, huh?”

” I don’t know, Fisk,” his partner took out his own hamburger. We’ve been following these two for a while now, still haven’t seen anything fishy. But if Capt says keep an eye on her, then we keep an eye on her. Orders are orders.”

” Crab,” Fisk swore. ” I wanna go home. I’m worked up over this shít.”

” Hey, he’s leaving,” Fisk’s partner said suddenly.

The two cops watched from their hiding place as Craig raced passed their car and cornered round the block.

” Must be heading back home,” Fisk finished his Pepsi. ” We should probably hit the road too, champ. I feel sleepy already.”

Fisk partner brought out a packet of cigarette. He lit one in the darkness and smoked. ” Let’s wait a while, man. I gotta clear my head.”

Fisk checked his wrist watch. There was still time. ” Alright then, ten minutes. Wake my up when you’re done. I gotta hit the sack.”

Meanwhile, unknown to the two policemen, a shadowy figure ran passed their car towards Scarlett’s house.





” Scarlett Mason, seat down. I want to talk to you,” Larry Cage said.

Scarlett backed away to the door. ” What are you doing here? How’d you get inside my house?”

Larry Cage glared at her. ” Doesn’t matter. I want to talk to you.”

” I don’t want to talk to you,” Scarlett snapped at him. ” Get the fúck out of my house.”

Larry Cage’s eyes burned. ” Don’t be stupid, woman. You either hear me out or I’ll put you behind bars and d–n well I would if you prove stubborn. I don’t have time for this.”

Scarlett swallowed. She was frightened beyond words but then, she managed to stay calm. ” How’d you get in?”

” You ask stupid questions,” Larry Cage spat. ” Shut up and listen.”

Scarlett remained quiet.

” Good,” Larry Cage frowned. ” I’ll do the talking. Don’t bother replying back. Just listen. I’m not a man of many of words. I believe in action so I’ll hit the nail on the head.”

He paused, giving himself time to look her over.

” I want you to stay away from Craig!”

Scarlett’s eyes widened then narrowed. It felt as if she was expecting that from him.

Larry Cage gritted his teeth at her. ” Ever since he lost his mother, he’s been a depressed kid. I had to guide and protect him from the harsh realities of the world. That’s why I made the rules. Everything was meant to guide and protect him. You might be asking why I’m being a strict father. You’ll never understand what it feels like to have a son battling cancer. Craig’s the heir to everything I’ve ever had. There were times I stay up late at night and worry myself over his health. I love my son and after his mother’s death, I took it upon myself to be the father that will always protect him.”

Larry Cage tapped the end of his staff to the ground, glaring at Scarlett. ” I’ve married three times. My first Marriage was with a black woman. She was a movie star. You might know her, her name’s not important. At that time, I was young and very much in love with her. I just started my company, growing my investments bit by bit. My first wife and I dated. I didn’t read the signs she wasn’t interested in me. Blinded by love, I proposed to her. She accepted. I wanted to throw a big wedding party but she insisted on something smaller and quiet. We went to court and got married. I didn’t bother to sign a prenup cause I thought I was doing the right thing and we were never going to get divorced. I was wrong. Our first year of marriage was blissful. The séx was great, the trips we made across the world was awesome and the dinners were romantic. However, I had to return back to work and focus on my company. To my horror, I began to get seriously billed. My wife was an extravagant spender. In a week, I pay an outrageous bill of a million dollars over unnecessary stuffs. I was growing a company and needed all the cash I could get but my wife wasn’t very understanding. Instead of being a supportive wife, the black bítch nagged and destroyed things in rage. I couldn’t believe it. Here was a woman I thought loves me. If I don’t meet her demands, she becomes a frightening monster. She would destroy things and insult me. It got worse when she began denying me séx. I am a very responsible husband. Despite all my money, I do not take cheating in my stride. Never. I’m a one man, one woman type. I loved séx especially with my wife but she stopped giving me séx. And so I gave her the freedom to buy whatever she wanted. The bills increased and my account suffered but I did it out of love, hoping that she would get tired of the Luxury and eventually settle down one day. You can never imagine how wrong I was. I got news from an anonymous person who saw my wife walking into an hotel with another man. I got furious and landed in the hotel room only to find my wife Making love to a top billionaire who was a dear good friend of mine. It broke me to pieces. The worse part was the fact that she didn’t show any remorse nor acknowledge my presence in the room. Before my very eyes, my wife s—-d another man’s díck shamelessly. I immediately filed for a divorce. That finished me. She asked for a settlement of $150 million dollars. I tried to fight it but she had a good lawyer, backed up by her billionaire sugar daddy. Because I was Soo stupid not to sign a prenup, I lost and signed out the money to her.”

Larry Cage gritted his teeth in anger. ” That black hoe caused me everything. I went bankrupt and eventually lost my company. My life was shattered into a millions of pieces. It got Soo bad I nearly took my life. I was Soo fúcked up I hadn’t the slightest idea where to begin with. However with time, I somehow managed to raise enough Capital and rebuild my company. This time I was focused and determined. With no shrewd trophy wife in the way, I excelled and began rich. Through hard work and perseverance I made my way to become one of America’s top billionaires. It took me ten years but I made it. I married my second wife but this time, I was wiser. I swore never to marry a black woman. I signed a prenup in my second marriage but however, I fell out of love and had to just let her go. It felt good and I began treating women with contempt. It was some kind of revenge that I enjoyed. I was now a monster with a hardened heart. When I married Craig’s mother, I did the same to her. I treated her badly but she didn’t leave. She stayed with me until she had Craig. I decided I wasn’t going to get married anymore after she died. I discovered how much I love Craig and wanted him to inherit the wealth I’d built over the years from scratch. Unfortunately, he got diagnosed with cancer.”

There was silence and Larry Cage broke it with his harsh voice. ” I don’t want another black woman for my son. I understand he’s obsessed with you but that’s got to end here and now.”

Reaching down beside him, he drew out a big bag and flung it at Scarlett.

The bag bounced and rolled over the floor, spilling out wads of neat dollar bills.

Scarlett stared at the bag. It held loads and loads of money. More money than she could ever count.

” That’s over five million dollars,” Larry Cage said sharply. ” Take it and stay far far away from my son. I don’t ever want to see you close to him cause if I do, I’ll find you and I’ll kill you.”

Scarlett’s gaze went up to meet Larry Cage’s eyes. He had a malicious look on his face.

” I ain’t bluffing, Scarlett,” he said. ” From now on, you’ll be watched. I’m giving you a ten minutes start. Get your things in order and take the next available train to Australia. Your flight tickets are already there in the bag. I want you out of the country. If you run out of money, contact me. I’ll send more. Just leave Craig alone. Women like you only cares about money. I know your type. If it weren’t for the money, you wouldn’t be with Craig. You’re the most selfish woman I’ve ever met. You don’t even care shít about his health. All you cared about is his money. He’s dying really quick. He doesn’t need a rotten dirty pórnstar like you. What he needs is his father. Know this, Know peace.”

And with that, he stood to his feet and limped towards the door.

Scarlett stepped away from the door so he could pass. She didn’t know why but her eyes streamed tears.

She felt guilty. Larry Cage was right. If it weren’t for the money, she wouldn’t be with Craig. Craig loves her Soo much. She wouldn’t want to hurt him.

Snatching the money off the ground, she turned sharply to Larry Cage as he opened the door.

” I don’t need your money,” she said in a hard voice.

She saw Larry Cage stiffen but didn’t turn around. He seemed to be gazing at something outside the house than on her.

” You can keep your money,” Scarlett said, s—–g in tears. ” I’ll stay far away from your son. Don’t ever think you can buy me. I’m an African. Not all black women are the same. I chose not to be insulted.”

Larry Cage didn’t turn around. His face was fixed at a place or someone.

” Scarlett,” he said in a small feeble voice. ” They’re trying to kill me.”

Scarlett raised an eyebrow. ” Kill you? Who’s trying to kill you?”

Then something happened that rooted her to the floor and sent blood pounding in her forehead.

There was a crash of gunfire by the doorway. Larry Cage dropped to the floor and folded up.

Scarlett jumped back, peering fearfully at the doorway.

She was staring down at Larry Cage’s body which lay on the floor in a pool of blood.

Scarlett screamed as she saw blood running down the bullet hole on Larry Cage’s forehead, forming a red pool around his small head.

Nearby an automatic pistol laid on the floor; smoke drifting lazily on the floor.

She stiffened because that would only mean someone had been standing outside her house all these while and had probably shot down Larry Cage and threw the gun in.

Scarlett screamed again in fright.

Suddenly, there came a tremendous rushing of feet and two policemen burst into the room with guns out.

They paused, looked down to see Larry Cage’s lifeless body then at the gun on the floor.

Their eyes bolted to Scarlett’s hand which held the bag of Larry Cage’s money.

Scarlett shrank away from them in fear.

” Freeze!” Fisk yelled, guns aimed at her. ” Don’t make a move.”

” I didn’t do anything,” Scarlett shouted. I’ve never carried a gun in my life. You’ve got to believe me. I didn’t do it.”

She didn’t get to finish her words before Fisk’s partner grabbed her, twisted her arms Behind her back, savagely and had her in handcuffs.

” I didn’t do anything!” Scarlett yelled. ” Let go off me. It wasn’t me! Someone else killed him. You hear?! Someone killed him.”

Fisk stood by the doorway, covering her with the gun. He was quick to see a Rolls Royce waiting round the block start up and sped away. He also saw another shadowy figure opposite the house, disappearing into the bushes nearby.





Craig sat in his father’s studies, wondering what was taking his father Soo long.

It was raining cats and dogs. He hadn’t a moment to lose. He needed to tell his father about Scarlett and leave. She’d probably be waiting him by now.

Craig had arrived about five minutes ago and had briefly packed his drugs and a few clothes into his luggages.

Craig had waited long enough. There was no time to waste. He decided to do a voice recording and leave the tape with a note for his father.

It wasn’t a bad idea. It’d save him enough time.

Starting up the recorder, he placed his hands before the microphone and began speaking.

” Father, if you’re listening to this recording….”

He stopped when the telephone blared noisily on his father’s table.

Frowning, Craig snatched it up and placed it over his ear. ” Hello?”

” Master Craig,” it was Henri. You have an urgent call from the Captain of police. He wants to speak to you.”

Craig’s frown deepened. What does a police captain want with him tonight?

” Place the call over to me,” he ordered.

The call clicked in and Benton’s voice came over the line. ” Mr Craig Cage?”

Craig held the telephone tightly. ” That’s right. What is it?”

” I got some bad news,” Benton’s voice was hard. ” It’s your father. He got shot tonight. He’s dead.”

Craig felt blood leave his face. His hands were shaking and he suddenly felt faint.

” We’d like you to come downtown and have a …..Hello… Mr Craig Cage?”

Craig didn’t reply. With an unsteady hands, he returned the telephone back to the cradle and dropped it.

A flash of lightening outline his face in the dim darkness of Larry Cage’s studies.

Craig felt balls of tears escaping his eyes to the floor.

Just then the telephone blared again. He hesitated to pick it but when it rang Continuously, he reached out and picked it.

A deep masculine voice greeted him. ” Hello, buddy!”





To Be Continued….

Author’s Note ✍️:

Men this story de blow my mind😁😁

Who’s responsible for Larry Cage’s murder?

Me, Scarlett 😏

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