Beninese Lawyers Collected Millions But Can’t Save Me From Prison – Sunday Igboho

Popular Yoruba nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo (aka Sunday Igboho), has lambasted his Beninese lawyers for failing to stop his detention at a prison in Benin Republic

Sunday Igboho revealed that some of the lawyers were paid up to five million million (Naira), expressing disappointment that none of them could stop the judge from detaining him despite their large number in court.

It was reported that this revelation came out after an altercation between the activist and one of his lawyers, Ibrahim David Salami.

Recounting the issue between him and Salami to one of his supporters on phone, Adeyemo explained how he walked out on Salami when he came to see him inside the Benin Republic prison.

According to an audio of the phone conversation between him (Igboho) and the caller, the activist narrated that Lawyer Salami had kept him waiting and he eventually walked out on him.

“Lawyer Salami came to prison to see me, but he kept me waiting, attending to some other people for more than 15 minutes. I called on him, ‘Lawyer, I’m waiting, I’m hungry. I want to go and eat.’

“But he replied me saying, ‘will you be going then’ and and I walked away’. I don’t lie. He was here to see me, not someone else. He should have told those ones that he wanted to see his client. I am not a kid. I will be 50 in October,â€

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