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Below I have posted new BBNAIJA WhatsApp Group Links – The drama continues to unfold in the Level Up Season of the Big Brother Naija reality show as some housemates have been playing detective.

Recently two housemates in the Level 1 house, Giddyfia and Adekunle revealed their suspicion about their colleague, Sheggz’ relationship with Bella.

Sheggz and Bella ship is one of the ships currently sailing ‘aggressively’ in the Big Brother house. The two seem to be all over each other every time, although Sheggz might have gone a little over board with the way he expresses his emotions. Their relationship has raised lots of speculations and talks due to how fast they bonded and how Sheggz expresses his feelings in a somewhat foolish manner.

During a conversation on Thursday between Adekunle, Giddyfia and Diana, the duo’s relationship came up and Adekunle and Giddyfia expressed their longtime suspicion concerning the relationship.

They suspect that Sheggz moving so quick toward Bella is all a strategy to remain in the game and that the feelings he has professed for Bella and the way he mops after her all the time might not be genuine.

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Giddyfia personally felt the strategy doesn’t make any sense because it might end up toying with Bella’s emotions and it won’t be fair.

Reacting to their statement, Diana didn’t share their unpopular opinion and felt Sheggz was genuine especially since he’s the one more expressive of his feelings for Bella which they all can clearly see.

Adekunle and Giddfia mocked Diana’s naivety, replying that Sheggz could be pretending. Adekunle felt that Sheggz’ acting career can be proof that he is faking his feelings and acting like he is in love with Bella. To Adekunle and Giddyfia, Sheggz might just be acting stupid to fool everyone, but that might just be his strategy to win the game.

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